Pedala Bike Messengers

Pedala Bike Messengers. 

Pedala Bike Messengers is an entity engage in courier service within Metro Manila.  They utilize bicycles for their delivery services.  They deliver stuff that the bikers can reasonably carry in a bicycle.

There are many courier services around the capital.  The usual process is you bring your stuff, pay the courier and they deliver your goods.  But what if you need to get a package picked-up and you are to pay for the delivery?   This is where Pedala can help - they can pick-up your package and you pay when you receive your package.  I have tried using the services of Pedala several times and all I needed was to send SMS to them about my package to be picked-up.  When I receive my package, I give them my payment plus tip to the biker.    None of the major couriers do that.

The other reason why I go for these couriers is because they are helping the environment by not using fossil burning vehicles, so patronizing them makes you help the environment.  You do not have to waste time, money on gas and parking by bringing or getting the package yourself.  You also help the  cyclist earn a living.  Mother nature will smile at you for doing so.  

How was it like to use their services?  

I have availed of their service several times and I was satisfied. Once, I had a defective camera that needs repair and since I am busy to go to the repair shop. I contacted Pedala to bring my camera and the payment for the repair to the shop. It turns out that the fix needed can be done in minutes so I asked the biker/courier to wait for it to be fixed so that he can bring back the camera already fixed in the same day. I know it was raining hard this afternoon so I called my maid to make sure he gives the courier a tip if he returns with the camera in this weather. When I arrived home this evening, the camera was there already fixed. Well done and kudos to the Pedala biker team!

Another was when I needed a document picked-up from a company in BGC.  I'm the one in need of the document so my options are --- I have to personally drive there (wasting time and money for gasoline and parking) to pick it up which is a good half a day with all the traffic in the metro.  Another option is to ask somebody else to do it for me but then most are busy.  Another option is to hire a courier but most of them deal only with out-going delivery, only good if you are sending.  I can ask the company in BGC to send it to me via courier but how will I pay them?  Of course there is a way but that would still entail me doing one additional process - send the payment first.   This is where I like Pedala - all I did was send SMS to them where to get the packageand where to deliver the package.  They tell me how much I'm expected to pay and I just wait for it to arrive.  I got my package and I paid them Ps 100 for picking up my package from BGC to Ortigas Center.

Pedala Contact details:

email: pedalabikemessengers@gmail.comcellphone: 0917 80 PEDAL / 0917 807 3325