Biking has always been a passion to me.

Learning to ride - when I was in Grade school, my buddy and neighbor Boyan took Lolo Tomas' (Boyan's grandfather) bicycle and told ourselves - let's learn to ride a bike.  The bike was for adults and we both cannot yet reach the pedal if we sit properly in the saddle so it was the top tube that serves as our seat (ouch).  We took turns helping each other learn to balance.  When it was my turn, I don't remember Boyan's instructions to me but a few seconds later, I got crumpled in a heap in the ditch with bruises.  But we tried and tried until we learned to balance.  Bruises and all, we were deeply satisfied when we finally were able to ride - what a milestone for us kids!  I took that bike one more ride to the edge of the town and this is where I met my first accident.  I negotiated a U turn but I was not able to handle the turn so instead, I went off the road and fell about 10 feet down a stone lined beach wall.  Falling headfirst, I hit my head in one of the stones.  Probably it was not that hard because I was conscious but dizzy.  I stood up and felt liquid flowing into my forehead, eyes and nose.  I touched it and it was blood.  Took the bike back to Lolo Tomas' house and went to find my mother to fix my wound.  As usual, I got a mouthful of "sermon" from my mother.  Next day, I vowed to save my allowance to buy a bike of my own size.